Who We Are | 我们是谁

Step Ahead is a language services provider. Our goal is to assist companies in making their products and services more appealing and comprehensible to an international audience. We do this in three major areas: Business Communication Training, Translation & Editing, and Custom Content Creation. We also offer other customized, language-related solutions to meet individual client needs.


Cross-Cultural Business Communication Training | 跨文化商务英语培训

Our English native-speaker trainers work with our clients to create original training courses that are customized to allow client employees to practice the specific kinds of language and tasks they expect to encounter in their work. Through this training, we hope to help companies become more appealing partners for clients around the English-speaking world.


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Translation and Editing | 翻译和编辑

Step Ahead provides professional translation and editing services to corporations who need business documents or other texts translated from Mandarin Chinese to English or vice-versa.  Our consultants can travel to our clients’ offices to learn more about the products and services we will translate or edit. We specialize in the following fields: IT, e-commerce, corporate publicity, marketing, and medical translation.


We also help companies find content creators who can produce customized, high quality materials for their unique needs. Our team of content creators has created children’s stories, localized marketing copy, and text strings for use in e-commerce applications like Amazon online sales and Google AdWords.


International Teacher Recruiting | 外籍老师招聘

Step Ahead’s International Teacher Recruitment service helps place international teachers into teaching positions in China. Through us, applying teachers gain access to job opportunities that are available within our approved network of schools.

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What Our Clients Say | 客户评价

After 3 months of Step Ahead’s training our employees’ English competency level significantly improved. Step Ahead trainers made adjustments for employees with different levels of abilities and provided different kinds of study solutions to  help each employee find an approach to studying English that worked for them. Step Ahead evaluated each employee’s individual English capabilities and provided guidance to help each employee improve in their areas of weakness. Through this, our employees’ English levels saw clear improvement in a short period of time. After the three months, the employees really came to enjoy English and had become much more confident in their own English abilities than before the class and more employees began using English at work. We are thankful to Step Ahead for giving our employees this opportunity and we hope to continue working with Step Ahead in the future – HR Manager

经过StepAhead三个月的英语培训,我公司的员工在短期内英语水平获得极大的提升,StepAhead的老师能根据不同类型的学员,提供差异化的教学方法,让每个学员都能找的适合自己的英语学习方法,通过老师的测试能够准确的找到自己英语学习中的薄弱环节,并且有针对性的对学员的薄弱部分提供精确的指导,从而使学员的英语水平在短期内能活得明显的提升,三个月的培训结束后,学员们爱上了英语,在英语学习中和使用中比以前更加自信了,更多的员工在愿意在工作主动说英语了,感谢StepAhead,有机会的话,我想我们会继续合作。- HR 经理

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