More Client Feedback | 更多客户评价

和Tim老师合作一年多了,他能够根据客户的需求来制定课程,在教学过程中,也随时与我们沟通学员的学习情况。他的课程不仅纠正学员发音,教授不同的话题,最重要的是他鼓励学员开口说英语,从一句话到一段话,让学员逐渐建立起信心。课前与课后他都指导学员预习和复习,让学员经过不断的练习,英语能力得到提高。- 培训经理

“I think I am so lucky to find Stepahead English. The teachers are very professional and responsible for the students. In the class the teacher encourages us to speak a lot, corrects our pronunciation problems and teaches us how to write better. I make progress everyday. I become more and more confident to speak English. Thanks for Stepahead English.“ – Employee who participated in Step Ahead training