PRO English Club 最新活动


      在会员制度下,会员需每次支付30元人民币,用于支付活动的话题资料,茶水和独立的场地的费用。每周二晚上7: 00pm–8:30pm,相约南山科技园伞友咖啡。话题资料是关于工作、社会和经济等各个方面的。美国老师Dustin会带领大家一起学习新词汇短语并进行讨论,大家分享自己的观点和看法,您的收获将不仅仅是结识朋友和提升英语交流能力。

      Our Pro English club will be changing format to accommodate the needs of our learners. We will be meeting every week 7:00pm-8:30pm in a private room at Umbrella Coffee. All learners will pay 30RMB to help cover the cost of this private room.

      Our focus will be on discussion and giving learners a chance to practice their speaking and listening, whatever their level. Our American teacher, Dustin, will lead us as we learn new vocabulary and discuss topics related to work, society, and the world.

      It will be a fun time that you’ll enjoy for more than just the English. Come have fun with us and improve your English at the same time!





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